Mulat Knowledge School Staff and Students

Did you know the literacy rate is 55% among the youth population in Ethiopia and is lower in poorer sector? The highest rates are among girls, and the highest drop out rate begins in secondary school? If children are able to get to school, they generally are needed back at home by the time they are able to help with work meaning they drop out in secondary school.

We are proud of the work that Mulat Knowledge School is already doing, but our job doesn’t end with opening a school, it’s just beginning. Our students are just starting their education journeys. Our focus will be to treat each child as an individual and work to grow their talents and strengths. While government school in Ethiopia is free, many are not able to afford the uniforms and exercise books. This leads to them being ostracized and left to learn as they can.

Our plan is to work with each child and their families to ensure that as they grow they can stay in school. This will either be through work programs for parents, or adjusted schedules, or extra tutoring when the time comes. We strive to walk with these children as they grow and see them on to success.

We need you to walk with us in this journey. Our yearly budget is around $28,000. Don’t have $28,000 laying around? Do you have $28 or $10 or $100? Could you stand next to one of our teachers and help pay their salary monthly, at $150 per month? How about our security guard who makes $50 per month? Any amount is welcome! do you have a group that is looking for a project to be a part of? Perhaps your Bunco group, reading club, or Sunday school class?

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