Tree of Love Ethiopia

We are GROWING!!

And we need YOU to help us GROW our Tree of Love. Our school in Hawassa will be expanding to close to 100 children in September and we are partnering with an organization in Debre Markos helping rescue children from the streets and from trafficking. We need to rent the group home, hire staff, fill the home and bring kiddos off the streets.

Our goal is $27,000 in 27 Days!!!

This is where you come in!!

We are giving you the opportunity to help us grow! You can make an impact AND have your name go on our virtual Tree of Love and then onto a physical Tree of Love IN Ethiopia.

When we travel over we will paint a tree on the wall of each of our facilities and add your names to it. Here’s how it works for each level of giving you will get YOUR name on our tree, starting at the trunk, then branches, then leaves and next hearts for each monthly giver.

SO: for every $1000 or more you will get your name ‘carved’ into the trunk of the tree.
For every donation of $250 + your name will be written on a branch
For every donation of $100 + you will get a Big Leaf with your name
For every donation of $25 + you will have a Small Leaf And for every new Monthly Donor your name will be added to the tree as a Heart <3

THANK YOU to our new “Tree of Love” supporters!
Remember, every time you give our tree grows and so does our ability to share love and change the lives of children in Ethiopia!

New Big Leaf: Jessica Brown Parker
New Small Leaves: Becca Celorrio, Angie Carswell, Tiffany Skowronski and Mike Skowronski
New Monthly Supporters: Paul and Linda Yoder Shanor
Trunk Support: Minkewics Family

This would be an awesome way to honor a special loved one or in memory of someone who made a difference in your own life.

Let’s GROW together!!!