September 2015 Trip Review

We took our first Habesha Momma team to Ethiopia in September 2015. We were a group of 10 women with willing hearts ready to serve. We spent our first couple of days preparing water filters to be installed in the village of Sebeta, Ethiopia. We then spent a long rewarding day of installation into those homes. The families who receive each filter help with the installation and then are required to share it with their neighbors, until they are able to receive their own.

We then traveled South to Hawassa, Ethiopia to visit the new Mulat Knowledge School compound, the compound had just be procured so we were able to be the first to visit and inspect the facilities. To say we were impressed was an understatement! It’s a beautiful facility ready to house many children. We had to opportunity to paint a mural on the wall of the main house, having 2 artists with us was truly a blessing.

After a few days in Hawassa we traveled back to Addis Ababa to visit with several organizations that we support. We visited the leper colony called Korah, and enjoyed fellowship with the women working in the income generation program of Hope For Korah and did some shopping of their handiwork. Beautiful scarves, baskets, jewelry and linens are offered, and purchased. We were privileged to visit a local government school where we learned that most classrooms have about 75 – 80 children each, with only 1 teacher per room. We also learned that children are not offered meals, they must provide their own. Several local organizations are working to help these children receive meals daily.We also visited Entoto Mountain and helped to feed about 200 hundred children in tan amazing program called Endihnew Hope.

After a full 10 days we boarded our plane home, full of beautiful memories and renewed desire to continue the work begun in the school, clean water and vision for new opportunities.