Mulat Knowledge School, Hawassa, Ethiopia

Awasa (also spelled Awassa or Hawassa) is a city in Ethiopia located about 270 km south of Addis Ababa, on the shores of Lake Awasa in the Great Rift Valley.

Education is a priceless gift. The dream of a partnership between Habesha Momma and Mulat Knowledge School founded by Agegnehu Mulat, began over a year ago. We originally planned the school in a place that had been owned by his father. There were some zoning issues and push back from the local government, so we stepped back and decided to look into our plan B. Plan B had been to have a second school in Hawassa, Ethiopia. With doors closing in Sendafa, we looked to Hawassa and every single door opened.

We quickly secured a compound with perfect rooms and grounds. It’s big enough to expand in to, and is centrally located so that students have easy access. In September 2015, our first Habesha Momma team was able to arrive in time to receive the keys and be the first to set foot in it as the Mulat Knowledge School – MKS.

The Mulat Knowledge School provides an education to children on an individualized scale. Offering music and art along with sports and God’s word. The children will grow to know their strengths and worth through special attention to them each as persons, focusing on their talents and gifts.

The school started with 10 special students starting at the KG 1 level, which is the equivalent to pre-kindergarten in the US. We started small so as to be able to support them in the first stages. Our very first class completed graduation in July 2016! (the pic above shows their beautiful faces) We have begun the 2016/2017 year with 38 children. These children are chosen based on the least of these in the city. The goal is to eventually fill each grade as the students grow and have a full school of about 200 children in 2018. Quality education will be available to all.

Our friend Linda Spagnotti has generously raised money for a library in the school as well as collected books to fill it. The library is a room that will be filled with light and learning opportunities.

If you would like to help us support this school you can go to our and designate your funds for the school.  Every small piece helps make a difference.

Meet our beautiful students