Join us for the 2021 Ripples of Change Marathon


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What is it?

A marathon that EVERYONE can do. Participants will have the month of April 2021 to complete 26.2 miles (less than one mile a day!). Run, jog or walk whenever and wherever you want to during the month of April to get your miles in. Run by yourself or with your family or group. Then all participants of the “Ripples of Change Virtual Marathon” will plan to run their final marathon mile on May 1. (again, wherever you wish. That is the beauty of a virtual marathon). If you have a group or team in your area you can all meet and celebrate your accomplishment by running together.


Your miles will be big steps towards changing lives in Ethiopia by helping to raise money to provide education, a safe place to live and clean water for those in need and to help raise awareness through Habesha Momma. Along with helping to make positive changes in the lives of others, you will be getting active and accomplishing something to be proud of. If you are already a runner or walker, this is a wonderful opportunity to put your miles towards a good cause. If not, this is a great reason to get yourself moving and make a positive change in your life while helping change the lives of others.

Virtual Marathon

$45 for single participants
$40 create or join a team
$35 per child (Age 16 and under)


$45 for individual participants
$40 if you create or join an existing team
$35 Youth 16 and younger
All participants that complete the 26.2 miles during the month of  April 2021 will receive a t-shirt and a medal!

You will have the opportunity to raise additional donations by having others sponsor you per mile.

There will be prizes for our top three fundraisers and prizes given by drawing out of all participants.

Just as ripples spread out when a single pebble is dropped into water, the actions of individuals can have far-reaching effects.
Dalai Lama