“Just as ripples spread out when a single pebble is dropped into water, the actions of individuals can have far reaching effects.” Dalai Lama

Last year Habesha Momma sponsored 25 brand new water filters for the village of Sebeta, Ethiopia. Our partner, Abraham was able to install 15 of them, and our September team installed the other 10 in person. We thought you might want to know who the recipients are and see exactly how far your ripples can go.Water filter recipient

Bezunash Takeal and her husband Samson Haylue + 5 children

Zalene Nasear and her husband Safea Berue + 2 children

Zawday Nure and her husband Kadear Jemale + 2 children

Abarue Ketame and her husband Lama Ngasa – Empty Nesters

Sesaye Maraga and her husband Akemale + 2 children

Beraka Nga and her husband Husane Ahemade + 2 children

Zebeba Kadear and her husband Azefa Usane – Newlyweds

Shawanshe Yasane and her husband Mohammed Sayade – Empty Nesters

Mawedade Tamame and her husband Kamale Awale + 5 children

Aryale Kemale and her husband Mohammed Nagashe + 3 kids

Zamzmae Malase and her husband Zenmbaba Tabay + 2 children


Habesha Momma partner, Abraham, working with the 2015 team to install water filters in homes

Tadalue Maragaya and husband Zenmbaba Tabay + 2 children

Ababue Deracha and her husband Marsah Deno no children

Ayalche Bakela and her husband Gezachwe Batela + 3 children

Widowed Ayatue Denbare + 3 children

Ageba Sarafe and her husband Murad + 2 children

Sesaye Ayalawe and her husband Aberare Badearu – no children

Widowed Dawit Aduna + 4 children

Tsatau Basear – age 80 + 2 children

Menka Jemal and her husband Muhade Jemale + 7 Children

Samera Emaren and her husband Ebrahaeme Endashe + 1 Child

Beraka Mohammed and her husband Meteku Habetay + 3 Children

Alame Shaye and her husband Almayaue Kabdae + 3 Children

This list equals 110 people directly affected, and since each family is required to share their filter with the closest neighbors, this ripples even further into the community. These 25 filtersBlue water filters mean that at least 58 children do not have to be taken to the doctor due to waterborne illness.

Abraham reports “Many of these families have been using the filters for almost a year and each one says that they have seen a huge difference in their health and feel that it is a blessing that they have a filter.” They are reporting a dramatic decline in stomach and intestinal illnesses, which means they can now spend their money on food and clothing for their families instead of on medical expenses.

Each filter stone that is thrown across the ocean by a sponsor touches a community, 1 name at a time.

To sponsor a filter please click here.