Pay Mulat Knowledge
School's Rent For A Month

You can donate any amount. Click “Donate” above or look at our other projects.

Fund Mulat Knowledge School’s Rent

$1500 pays the rent for the school for a month. This would be a perfect project for your church, company or philanthropic group to help us with the expense of renting the facility that is our school. It’s ready to house many more children as we grow.

We depend on the donations from individuals, corporations, foundations to keep this school open. We rely on donors like you to keep the doors of our school open so that we can continue the education of these precious children. Join us in helping children in Ethiopia.

We are very thrifty with the donations you graciously give us. If you look on our website there are projects that we have fully funded and have eliminated the need for more funding.

We could use any donation amount. Please click donate at the top of this page or look around on our site to see other projects you can help. We’re a small non-profit, your donation will be spent wisely.

Pay The School's Rent

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