Primary School in Hawassa

Our first major project is a primary school in the town of Hawassa, Ethiopia. Several kilometers outside of Addis, Hawassa is a resort town to many. This brings people in from the countryside looking for jobs. If they are unable to find jobs they end up begging and looking for other ways to work. There are many children unable to afford an education here, so we have stepped in to help those children. Our goal is to provide a free yet individualized and specialized education to these children. We will focus on their strengths and individual talents. We opened the Mulat Knowledge School with KG, or Kindergarten in November of 2015 and as we grow and gain accreditation we will add more children each year. Our goal is to have 100 children registered by September 2016.

Please go to our DONATE page to become part of the amazing opportunity of providing education to children in Hawassa.  We can’t do it without you. THANK YOU!

Street Children in Debre Markos

Our friend Mesfin is from the Debre Markos area, and was made aware of the large population of street children mostly trafficked into the town from outlying villages. Our team of folks visited this town in July and were moved by these children and their stories. There are children as young as 6 yrs old living on the streets. There are many child led house holds and the prevalence of alcohol abuse and prostitution is astounding.

Our goal is to get these kids off the streets and into a family type setting. We will be providing them an education, tutoring, meals and healing. We will also be providing an outreach program for those that are not able or willing to be in the home. We will also eventually offer job training for area women who have been trafficked, and provide support to a local orphanage.

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Water Filters for Sebeta

We are bringing immediate access to health and hope to the people of Ethiopia by providing clean water for people in villages that do not currently have access to clean water through Friendly Water for the World and bio-sand water filters. For around $100 you can provide clean water for a family for up to 30 years. We have already funded and installed 25 water filters in the town of Sebeta, and have a goal to fund another 25 in 2016. Contact Us for more information on how you can help or go to our donate page to provide a water filter or 2 to a family in Ethiopia.

Entoto Mountain, Ethiopia

Habesha Momma is already changing lives in Ethiopia! By partnering with Endihnew Hope — an official NGO located on Mt. Entoto, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, we recently helped nine amazing women who are skilled ceramic artists. The training and income generation program completed in May 2014 has opened opportunities for them to be able to support themselves and their children. We continue to help both financially and in tangible ways by visiting and participating in the weekly feeding program for children who otherwise do not receive regular meals.

Future plans for delivering hope and making change?

We have lots of them! For example, we hope to eventually be able to provide scholarships to Ethiopian students hoping to attend university or higher education, who cannot afford it on their own. Provide HIV awareness programs, provide feeding programs in identified areas, provide support to organizations helping street children, research opportunities to provide safe programs for women and children caught in trafficking and helping them find a way off the streets and into hope…. more on this to come!