Marathon finisher Christine

Christine after finishing a Marathon

How many reasons do you need?

By Christine Prendergast

I came across a Huffington Post article “26 Reasons Not to Run a Marathon” and while I know a marathon isn’t for everyone, I can’t help but think this article is really reverse psychology.  I am a 2-time marathon finisher and can attest to the grueling training, blisters, knee pain, early nights in before long runs, and pretty much every negative reason that exists to steer someone away from making a marathon commitment. But on the other end, when you come out a finisher or raise those thousands of dollars for charity, it’s pretty hard to argue with that euphoric and triumphant feeling that takes over. And it’s not just for the day. This feeling that is so powerful lasts a lifetime; it’s empowering, motivating, and inspirational.

But again, it’s not for everyone. That’s why Habesha Momma’s virtual marathon is such a great idea! I can totally see how a full marathon in one day would be enough to push someone over a cliff. But to finish just 1 mile per day over the course of a month? Well, that’s a nugget anyone can swallow! I, for one, am really looking forward to getting my kids moving and giving them a goal to work towards!

Will we see you out there? How many reasons do you need to complete the marathon?

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