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For An Entire Month!

$500 will fund a classroom for a month. Our Mulat Knowledge School in Hawassa, Ethiopia is new and we need your help. Started in 2015 we have 10 children and a small staff of a few teachers and a principal. Some of the staff like the security guard actually sleep in the school. We are not a huge organization. Most of the support for the school comes from a handful of donors, most of whom are on the board of directors. As word has been getting out about the school we will have more children in need asking to enroll. With each new year we will be able to apply for a license to add a new grade, thus new children. Our goal is to provide each child an individual education irregardless of ability to pay. Your donation helps keep the doors open and provides a lasting change for a lifetime. Please sponsor a classroom for a month.

We could use any donation amount. Please click donate at the top of this page or look around on our site to see other projects you can help. We’re a small non-profit, your donation will be spent wisely.

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