Feed A Child For A Week

Feed A Child: $10 feeds one child 2 meals a day for a week. Right now we are taking care of 10 children that would not otherwise have education, care or meals. We’d love your help.

Don’t be fooled! You may think “$10? really? Is that going to help?” Yes. Just think, after you make your $10 donation, every time you sit down for a meal over the next week there will be a child sleeping soundly from your donation instead of lying awake, hungry.

We’re asking you to donate $10 now — before you forget. If next week you feel good about it, then come back and do it again. If we didn’t need your help we wouldn’t have this website.

These are the kids you are feeding. We are not a large organization. Your donation will feed the children in the video below.

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Feed A Child in Ethiopia

We could use any donation amount. Please click donate at the top of this page or look around on our site to see other projects you can help. We’re a small non-profit, your donation will be spent wisely.