What do the words running and marathon say to you?

What's stopping you from running?As we approach the beginning of our 2nd annual Ripples of Change Virtual Marathon we have heard things like “I could never run a marathon!” or ” I hate running!” I feel ya, I am one of those people, when I hear the word marathon I think of the word torture, and envision leg cramps and painful lungs. Is that you?

You know what I also envision? I envision crossing a finish line, full of pride in a grand accomplishment. I see people cheering, and feeling satisfaction in completing something I never thought I could do.

We designed this marathon to achieve the quelling of fear and dislike of running while still bringing pride and sense of accomplishment for a job well done. This marathon is meant to done at your pace, in your space, where you either push yourself towards a new goal, or just enjoy the feeling of movement and renewed health.

The grand accomplishment we all receive is knowing that with each step we are creating a ripple of change across the world, there are children learning in a classroom, being loved and nurtured. There are families in a small village drinking safe water and not worrying about illness. There are new projects being able to be approached because you registered and are making not only a change in your own life but also half way across the world.

Keep RunningThis marathon is done 1 day at a time, small steps, or big one’s it’s up to you. Are you already a runner? Awesome! This will help keep you accountable. Never run a day in your life? Awesome! Grab your dog, your kids, your honey… or your BFF and head out, and walk one mile at a time. Before you know you it, you too will be receiving your T-Shirt and Medal for completing a WHOLE marathon at the end of the month.

Join us! Let’s do this together! Register today… there’s not much more time.