Backpacks for Mulat Knowledge School

Backpacks for our students at Mulat Knowledge School

UPDATE- ALL are Provided!! WAHOO!! 🙂 You guys are awesome!! 🙂 THANK YOU!!

We have a fun way that you can help us bless our kids at our school in Hawassa. Our president, Andrea, is headed over to Ethiopia to visit the school and check on progress. We would love to take some backpacks over to them. Would you like to help?

We currently have 10 children so if you want to help, you may want to respond quickly…. just sayin. 🙂

We have 2 ways that you can provide one.

  1. Purchase a back pack and place items (please see list of requested items) in it and mail it to us by February 20.
  2. Send $25 to cover the cost to purchase one to be filled for you.

List of items to put in backpacks. We ask that you only send 1 of each item, and only choose from this list. We want all of the kids to feel blessed, and equally special, as well as make sure we are not over loading Andrea’s allotted baggage allowance.

Small box of Crayons
Coloring Book
Package of pens
Writing paper
1 small toy – something small and durable like matchbox cars or hard plastic item.
If you would like to include a card from you with a picture that would be fun.

Our boys are:
UniformsEyuel Endrias – M 6 – Provided
Tadios Mamo – M 6  – Provided
Aklilu Abera – M 6
Hagerso Haile – M 4
Teklu Tegegn – M 4
Mintesinot Tarik-M 3

Our girls are:
Tizita Mesfin – F 5 – Provided
Tsega Geremew – F 4 – Provided
Wushiti Bekele – F 4 – Provided
Yewbdar Husen- F 3

If you would like to send a gift to our teachers or other staff please let me know. Perhaps a monetary gift to allow me to take them out to lunch or dinner as a treat for their hard work.

Send a message to with the name of the child you are committing to provide a backpack along with the method you choose to use, either purchase yourself and mail, or send money and have us purchase. If you are sending money we will send you instructions on how to do so.

Can’t wait to deliver them for you!!!