We empower Ethiopians to help themselves to clean water, medical attention and education.

About Habesha Momma

Welcome to Habesha Momma! A passion commitment that brings hope to many.

So, what exactly is Habesha? Habesha (HA-beh-shah) means a group of people inhabiting the horn of Africa, and many Ethiopians use the term to identify themselves as native to Ethiopia.

In our frequent travels to Ethiopia, we have found that there were many Ethiopians that wanted to give back to their communities yet found themselves needing help in providing the resources to complete these heart mission goals. After much communication, several prayers, and with the love and drive of people with similar vision and hope, the organization of Habesha Momma was formed! Now, we were set to help those people make the change they want to see in their own communities.

With a population of over 94 million, roughly 30 % of the population lives in extreme poverty. Contributors to these statistics are lack of access to primary education, child labor, HIV, drought, as well as lack of sanitation and clean water. Working together to raise awareness, provide education, job opportunities and offering clean water will be the first step to changing these statistics if even for a few. As drastic as these factors are, the scope for creating healthier and happier lives IS attainable, with help.

Our first major project has been a primary school in the town of Hawassa, Ethiopia. We are so excited and encouraged by this! Situated several miles outside of Addis, Hawassa is a resort town to many, many villagers. This brings people in from the countryside who are eagerly, looking for jobs. If they are unable to find jobs, they are forced to beg and look for other ways to gain income, critical for daily survival. Children there are largely unable to afford an education by themselves, so we have happily and readily stepped in to help those children. Our goal is to provide a free, yet individualized and specialized, education to these children. We will focus wholeheartedly on their strengths and individual talents. We desire to encourage them to be proud of who they are, and dream, just like children in thriving countries. We opened the Mulat Knowledge School with KG, or Kindergarten in November of 2015, and as we grow and gain accreditation, we will add more children each year. Our hope is to have our children stay in our school through primary and secondary school, so that we can then teach life and job skills, providing them independence to continue their growth and flourish.

This growth is what we are most excited to share with you!

Our next plans are to work with the families of the children in our school, seeking to identify any immediate needs, and then also work to serve the remainder of the community. This will be an ongoing process based on need and resources, and why we again hope and pray for assistance and help!

Our second project that’s been in the works is the Debre Markos project, which includes Freedom House. Debre Markos is a town located several miles North of the capital of Addis Ababa, about half way to the town of Bahir Dar.

Debre Markos is a small community, again with many children living on the streets, for varying reasons. Several work all night at the local bars, selling cigarettes, gum and tissue. Whatever they can, basically, in order to earn income. Situations that are not always secure. We are working to bring these children off the streets, and into safe and stable environments, then work on family re-unification. We have learned that this isn’t as cut and dry as it would seem, and so we are steadfastly working on programs for conflict resolution, family unification, and most importantly, healing. Our children will go to school, get tutoring and learn basic life skills to learn how to thrive in a family again. This is an outreach program for families in need in the area, offering a food package, providing rent support, and helping with other needs, so that they can return to work and get their lives back on track for success, and hopefully end the cycle of poverty.

We will be working with local men and women to provide income generation training. We are also looking into starting a coffee roasting enterprise, to provide a job for our older children as well as their families. This is new and exciting for these families, and a way to use local resources.

We are also bringing immediate access to health and hope to the people of Ethiopia by providing clean water for people in villages that do not currently have access to clean water. We are doing this through Friendly Water for the World, and bio-sand water filters. For around $100 you can provide clean water for a family for up to 30 years! That alone will change the standard of living, and foster unity.  We have already funded and installed over 45 water filters in the town of Sebeta. We cannot wait to bring more!

We truly hope to eventually be able to provide scholarships to Ethiopian students, as many dream of attending university, and embarking on higher education, yet sadly they cannot afford it on their own. Lastly (for now!) its crucial that we also provide HIV awareness programs, as well as feeding programs in identified areas, research opportunities to provide safe programs for women and children caught in trafficking and helping them find a way off the streets and into hope…. more on this to come!