Habesha Momma Inc.’s mission is to connect with communities inspiring hope and contributing to the health, education, vocation and spiritual care of individuals to achieve lasting change.

Safe Water in Ethiopia

It costs about $100 to build, install and provide after care per filter. So for less than your monthly water bill, you can provide the opportunity for a family in Sebeta, Ethiopia to have clean water for a lifetime! Doesn’t get much better! Our goal is to provide 25 new filters in 2016, we need you to make that happen! Visit this page to learn more about this project and how you can help!

Your support at work

Having worked in Ethiopia we have seen the amazing changes that can happen when we join forces and work together to make change. The pictures above are all examples of of how donations and support help make a change. The children in Korah, live in a leper colony.... read more


Hawassa is a resort town, South of Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. This town brings many people to vacation, but this also means it draws many to come find work with children. In our travels we have found that education and a foundation of love and support is priceless. We have partnered to open a school here called Mulat Knowledge School where we are focusing on children in need, so that they can receive a quality education. Your support is vital to helping us provide this education, check out our page about the school to learn more and meet some of our amazing kiddos.

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